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FontNuke Release Notes History

1.2.11 (11-16-2016)

  • Improved support for macOS Sierra systems with System Integrity Protection enabled.

1.2.10 (11-14-2016)

  • Added support for macOS Sierra.

1.2.9 (07-26-2016)

  • BUGFIX: Fixed an issue where FontNuke would not remove all of the detected font cache files prior to reboot.

1.2.8 (10-22-2015)

  • BUGFIX: Fixed application bundle permissions.

1.2.7 (09-30-2015)

  • Updated for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan release.

1.2.6 (02-09-2015)

  • BUGFIX: Fixed application crash when updating cache list on select systems.

1.2.5 (02-09-2015)

  • BUGFIX: Fixed application crash when updating cache list on select systems.

1.2.4 (10-30-2014)

  • BUGFIX: Admin-Free mode stall prior to reboot on select systems resolved.

1.2.3 (10-28-2014)

  • Updated for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Bug fixes to eliminate random application crashes and exception errors on select systems.
  • Authorization improvements to ease configuration of Admin-Free mode.
  • Application Bundle Identifier updated.
  • Added integrated update checker and updater.
  • Removed suitcase reset functionality.
  • Removed Force Deep Traversal option. Functionality has been integrated into default behavior for optimal performance.
  • Updated preference descriptions.

1.2.2 (06-26-2013)

  • Fixed NilObjectException error when using standard mode on select systems.
  • Authorization bug fix for standard mode.

1.2.1 (06-25-2013)

  • NEW FEATURE: Added AutoNukeOnLaunch preference for instant execution upon launch.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Prefer Shutdown Over Reboot preference.
  • FontNuke options have been consolidated to Preferences. All Preferences are now saved.
  • Further updated support for Mac OS X Mavericks (v10.9).
  • Authentication improvements.
  • UI changes.

1.2.0 (06-21-2013)

  • NEW FEATURE: Added Silent Mode option for single-click nuke+reboot.
  • Added support for Mac OS X Mavericks (v10.9).
  • Added additional MS Office caches.
  • Further reworked search methods to further improve performance.
  • UI fixes.
  • REMOVED: Dropped Universal Binary support for legacy versions of Mac OS X. FontNuke now only supports OS X 10.6.x and newer. Previous versions are still available for legacy OS X.

1.1.9 (08-07-2012)

  • Added support for Mac OS X Mountain Lion (v10.8).
  • Significantly improved performance and speed, roughly twice as fast as previous versions.
  • Added and improved removal of QuarkXPress font caches for all versions. Now any and all versions of QuarkXPress installed on a system will have its font caches located and purged.
  • Added a "Force Deep Traversal" option. This option forces the identification of additional font caches in uncommon areas and areas ignored by Spotlight.
  • Improved warnings.
  • Improved logging.

1.1.8 (07-21-2011)

  • Added support for Mac OS X Lion. (v10.7)
  • Added integrated "Check for Updates" feature.

1.1.7 (05-10-2010)

  • Fixed excessive launch times on some legacy systems.
  • Improved error handling and error logging.

1.1.6 (09-14-2009)

  • Added support for OS X 10.6.x
  • Fixed intermittent crashing when attempting to configure/run Admin-Free mode on select versions Mac OS X in certain user environments.
  • Improved application auto-quitting for OS X 10.6.x.
  • Fixed some UI redraw issues which occurred on select versions of Mac OS X.

1.1.5 (01-07-2008)

  • Major performance improvements when locating font cache files.
  • Added font cache removal for the QuarkXPress 7.3.1 update.

1.1.4 (12-12-2007)

  • Fixed a coding error introduced in version 1.1.3, which caused the FontNuke GUI to display the incorrect quantity of cache files found on some Leopard systems.

1.1.3 (12-11-2007)

  • FontNuke is now a Universal Binary application.
  • Added font cache support of for Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.x.

1.1.2 (08-21-2007)

  • Fixed a bug which prevented FontNuke from properly executing on some Intel systems.

1.1.1 (06-05-2007)

  • Improved filtering for removal of Adobe font cache files @ ~/Library/Caches/Adobe. The v1.0.9 update added the removal of all Adobe cache files @ ~/Library/Caches/Adobe, which unknowingly caused Adobe Bridge and other color settings to reset to default. This has been repaired to only purge font related cache files.

1.1.0 (04-02-2007)

  • Added cache file count when updating caches list.
  • Improved progress notification(s) and GUI responsiveness when large amounts of cache files are present on a given system.
  • Improved overall performance.
  • Added a feature which purges spotlight indexes on startup volume from /.Spotlight-V100.
  • Improved search methods when gathering QuarkXPress 6.x cache files. Previously intermittent duplicates were found in the list.

1.0.9 (02-21-2007)

  • Added removal of additional general Adobe cache files @ ~/Library/Caches/Adobe.

1.0.8 (02-15-2007)

  • Added removal of additional font cache files if the client is using an early version of QuarkXPress 7.0.0/1. The early versions of QuarkXPress 7.0.0/1 dump font cache files into the application root. Updates and patches to QuarkXPress 7 (currently version 7.1.0 as of this writing) have modified this behavior, placing caches in a common location at ~/Library/Quark.
  • Removed message box alert(debug) when Quark7 'jaws' folder is found on system.
  • Fixed font cache list box sorting when header is pressed.
  • Moved the About FontNuke menu item from the File menu to the Apple menu.
  • Minor bug fixes.

1.0.7 (01-10-2007)

  • Fixed a bug which caused a NilObjectException error if QuarkXPress 7.0 was not installed on the system.

1.0.6 (01-10-2007)

  • Added removal of QuarkXPress 6.x jaws font cache files.
  • Added removal of QuarkXPress 7.x jaws font cache files.
  • Added removal of /Library/Fonts/font-cache* files.
  • Added feature to reset Extensis Suitcase X1 and Extensis Suitcase Fusion to default settings.

1.0.5 (09-11-2006)

  • Added removal of ATSServer_* files from /var/temp. These are unimportant error log files.
  • Added removal of additional problematic font cache files for Microsoft Entourage. Fixes garbled text.

1.0.4 (05-25-2006)

  • Removed a forgotten embedded expiration date I was once testing. Now no expiration date.

1.0.3 (05-05-2006)

  • Fixed an bug when removing some Adobe font cache files (*.lst).
  • Fixed a bug in Admin-Free mode that could potentially cause FontNuke to stall/crash when sending reboot command on some systems.

1.0.2 (05-05-2006)

  • Added the removal of Microsoft Office font cache files.
  • Added the removal of Adobe font cache (*.lst) files.
  • Minor GUI improvements/fixes.

1.0.1 (05-03-2006)

  • Fixed a bug where the GUI would not update the full list of cache files. The caches were still removed, however just not displayed in the GUI.

1.0.0 (05-02-2006)

  • Initial release.


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