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Special Thanks
I would like to thank each and every one of the diligent users out there, who without their valuable feedback, many of the things here would not be possible. I'd also like give special thanks to the following individuals, whom have so graciously contributed to the cause, by helping me keep many things free. Donations help support free software development.

Thanks again everyone!!!

Extra special thanks:

  • John F. (misc)

Thanks for your support:

  • Gregory R. (misc)
  • Stephen C. (mw)
  • Roberta W. (fn)
  • Dr. C. (misc)
  • Linda W. (misc)
  • Yvonne C. (misc)
  • Mike W. (misc)
  • Mark R. (misc)
  • Ray S. (mw)
  • John A. (misc)
  • Rod M. (misc)
  • Peter B. (misc)
  • Giampiero T. (fn)
  • Andrea L. (misc)
  • Jim S. (misc)
  • Kathleen D. (mw)
  • Progressive M. (misc)
  • Maxim H. (misc)
  • Donald H. (misc)
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